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A city straddling two worlds

The venue of the conferenceis the fascinating city of Tangier.A city made famous by the movie, Casablanca, Tangieris a hot spot for celebrities and tourist slooking to relax. The city islively all through the year, with beautiful beaches all over.
The conference will take place at the Royal Tulip Hotel, a 5-star luxury Hotel located 20-minute drive from Tanger-Ibn Battouta International Airport. The Royal Tulip Hotel is ideally located with in Tangier’s business and leisure district, and offers a convenient location close to the railway station ; the high speed train station that connects Tangiers to Rabat (capital city of Morocco), and Casablanca (and the Mohammed Vth International Airport) is only 3 minutes walk to the head quarters hotel. 

The history of the city goes back to the Phoenician times founded by Carthaginian colonists in the 5th century BC. It is considered an important city by the Berbers and it name wasprobablyderived from the Berber Goddess – ‘Tinjis’.

It is a Berber my thology that it was built by Sufax son of Tinjis. It came under the Roman rule in the 1st century BC and was later conquered in the 5th century AD by the Vandals. It came under Arab control in 702. During the expansion of the Portugueserule over Morocco it was conquered by them in 1471 and ruled till 1661.

It was later given to the Charles II of England as dowry in 1161. In 1679, Sultan Moulay Ismail of Morocco made an attempt to seize it. After a crippling blockade by him, the English departed in 1684. The city wasreconstructed but declinedagain by 1810. Itsstrategic location broughtitat the centre of Europeandiplomatic and commercial rivalry and almostled to a war.

It was under the Spanish control from 1940 to 1945 during the World War II and reunited with Morocco in 1956.

Tangieris a bustling city wherepast and present inter mingle. There are treasures of Spanish-Moorish architecture and wondrous works by local craftsmen, as well as extreme lyentertaining festivals and the most modern creations.

Diverse influences converge in Tangier. The Kasbah and Mendubia Park are clusterednear an authenticmedina. A bit further, you will find Plaza de Toros, Cervantes Theater and Café Hafa, where Sean Connery and the Rolling Stones have sipped on minttea.

Tangieris also a city of artists. The city’scharms have alwaysinspired the greats, including Delacroix, Matisse, Tennessee Williams and Paul Bowles. ThesedaysTangiershowcasesits musical heritage: the city hosts a jazz festival eachyear, as well as MediterraneanNights, an eventthatcelebrates the sounds of three continents.

Tangier, on the frontierbetween Europe and Africa, is a cosmopolitan city wherepast and present mix.

Walk through Tangier, the White City. Amble along streets lined with white washed houses and, like Matisse and Delacroix before you, allow yourself to be transported by the dreamy ambiance of the city. Getlost in the alleys of the Grand Socco or stand at the foot of the kasbah’shighwalls to admire the fort that dominates the medina. A few stepsaway lies the Sultan’s Palace, which to day is dedicated to Moroccan arts. Tangier isalsotinged with Spanish influences, including an arenaat the Plaza de Torros, and the famed Cervantes Theater built in 1913.